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Royal Asscher Sterling Silver UFO Necklace with Sapphire

$1,355.75 $1,595.00

Be out of this world wearing the Royal Asscher Sterling Silver UFO Necklace with Sapphire. This uniquely designed necklace is composed of sterling silver shaped into a UFO-design. Small sapphire gemstones are then placed within the dome-structure creating a lustrous shine. Wear this beautiful piece for costume jewelry or luxurious events/special occasions! Get it now!

Disclaimer: Due to lighting and angles, the shading of the adornment may vary from ones on the pictures. Please check our video for more accurate coloring.

Necklace Specification
Brand Royal Asscher
Material Sterling Silver
Stones Sapphires
Total item weight 16 Grams
Dimensions Height: 1 Inch, Width: 1 Inch
Chain Size & Adjustment 16 Inch Chain; Unadjustable
Price $1,595.00

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