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Jewelry Appraisal Services

Perlina Jewelers Jewelry Appraisal Services

Do you have a cherished piece you believe is worth more than it looks?

At Perlina Jewelers, our meticulous Jewelry Appraisal Service assists you in finding that out! With over 40 years of unparalleled experience, our expert jewelry will guide you in the appraisal of your jewelry piece – ensuring accurate assessment with concise care and thought! Get started with our seamless appraisal process, and we’ll make sure you leave confident and satisfied. 

Our Appraisal Process

1. Consultation

We start your appraisal journey with our personalized consultation from our expert jeweler. We’ll discuss your piece(s), and collaborate in providing insights on its significance, craftsmanship, and any special features it may have! 

2. Examination

After your consultation, our expert jeweler will do a rigorous and thorough examination of your jewelry piece. Metal type, the gemstone quality/clarity, and its overall condition are all factors we may consider during the examination. 

3. Photography

Photographs are then taken to capture the visuals of your jewelry piece (in high-definition), and are included in the comprehensive appraisal documentation.

4. Documentation

Our jeweler finally prepares a detailed appraisal document that includes:

5. Valuation

With our jewelers’ extensive experience, we ensure a fair and informed valuation of your jewelry piece. Each piece is assigned a current market value based on the jewelry industry standards, so we guarantee an accurate reflection of the worth of the piece. 

While we make every effort in providing accurate and precise appraisals, the value/worth may be subject to market fluctuations, demands, etc. Our appraisals are conducted with industry standards and comply with them. We recommend periodic appraisals of your jewelry piece to account for any changes in the market/economy. 

Appraisal Documentation

Once the appraisal process is complete, you will receive a detailed appraisal letter of the item(s). This official document is suitable for various purposes:

1. Insurance Coverage

The appraisal document given is widely accepted by numerous insurance companies, enabling you to secure the appropriate coverage for your jewelry piece.

2. Resale or Inheritance Planning

In cases of reselling or inheritance planning, the comprehensive appraisal document facilitates seamless transactions and smooth processes. 

3. Peace of Mind

Make informed decisions regarding the care, protection, and future of your jewelry piece knowing the precise value/worth of it!

At Perlina Jewelers, you are in safe hands with our professional jeweler! With the combined years of knowledge and experience, we’ll make sure your jewelry piece is throughly examined and give you the best appraisal process. Contact us today to start your appraisal journey and unlock the true value and worth of your jewelry pieces!

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