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18K Yellow Gold Beaded Spiral Bracelet with Pearls


Don't get dizzy now! Wear our 18K Yellow Gold Beaded Spiral Bracelet with Pearls, a unique and eye-catching bracelet that will make heads turn. Composed of 18k yellow gold the bracelet spirals and coils in one long strand around the wrist with beads paved all around. Then, small pearls in various sizes (10-14 mm) are placed accentuating the whole bracelet. The pop of white and gold allows versatility to wear it many colors and outfits especially formal and fancy dresses. Browse and shop it now - let it express your style!

Disclaimer: Due to lighting and angles, the shading of the adornment may vary from ones on the pictures.

Bracelet Specification
Brand Perlina Jewelers
Material 18K Yellow Gold
Stones Pearls (10-14 mm)
Bracelet style Beaded Spiral Bracelet
Price $990.00

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