18K Yellow and White Gold Large Cocktail Flower Ring with Genuine Diamonds



Style: Not specified
Ring Size: 6.5
Adjustment: Size is adjustable
Total Weight: 19.2 grams


18K Yellow and White Gold


Diamonds, a total weight of 2.61 carats


Still looking for a summer accessory? Why not try our 18K Yellow And White Gold Large Cocktail Flower Ring With Genuine Diamonds. The base of the ring is composed of 18k white gold with arabesque patterns around its body. However, because of it being dainty, it’s hidden under a beautiful flower composed of a mix of 18k yellow and white gold. The larger and smallest layer are made of striking 18k yellow gold while the middle layer is made of 18k white gold to give some accentuation. It creates a beautiful colored pattern which is then paved with tons of diamonds around the petals and the middle. It’s something you wear for attention with outfits to brunch, etc. Get it now!