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14K White Gold Cocktail Diamond Cluster Ring


This beautiful and meticulously designed ring is ideal for both sexes with its neutral look and conservative color pattern. The 14K White Gold Cocktail Diamond Cluster Ring is composed of a metallic 14k white gold which goes with any outfits you want to pair it with. As you go up the sides and the top of the ring, a detailed arabesque-like pattern forms with diamonds sporadically placed all over. The simple coloring yet flashy design allows you to wear this for a casual day out or for special occasions. Try it out now!

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Ring Specification
RMaterial 14K White Gold
RStones Diamonds, a total weight of 2.15 carats
RTotal item weight 7.1 grams
Ring size 7.25
RSizable / Adjustable Yes
RPrice $2,250.00

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