Gioielli D’Amo 18K White Gold Cocktail Moonstone Ring with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires



Style: Not specified
Ring Size: 6
Adjustment: Size is adjustable
Total Weight: 7 grams


18K White Gold


Diamonds, a total weight of 0.52 carats;
Sapphires, a total weight of 5.62 carats;
The central stone is moonstone, a total weight of 5.22 carats.


It’s like looking into a magic mirror. The Gioielli D’Amo 18K White Gold Cocktail Moonstone Ring With Diamonds And Blue Sapphires is an incredibly beautiful ring that looks like it’s straight from a fairytale. The thin band ring and the small prongs/spokes are composed of 18k white gold. Small diamonds are then paved on the side of the split shank ring as well as around the gemstone. Then, small deep blue sapphires are formed in a circle around the moonstone to accentuate it. The mysterious moonstones at the center and the sides bring the whole ring together with its elegance and haziness. Wear it on a special occasion with darker colors!