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14K Yellow Gold Large Oval Pave Cocktail Ring with Genuine Diamonds

$3,167.50 $4,525.00

Our large and attention-grabbing 14K Yellow Gold Large Oval Pave Cocktail Ring With Genuine Diamonds is perfect for any woman looking to get the best attention with the most minimal jewelry. This beautiful ring resembles a sunflower so you can shine bright while wearing it. The wide band ring is composed of a warm 14k yellow gold which then forms into a ripple-like pattern around the gemstone. Encased within this gold are beautiful small paved diamonds forming this flower-like ring. Pair it with a beautiful bold color like red - get it now!

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Ring Specification
RMaterial 14K Yellow Gold
RStones Diamonds, a total weight of 1.10 carats
RTotal item weight 12 grams
Ring size 7
RSizable / Adjustable Yes
RPrice $4,525.00

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